Call for Papers


For the reliable performance evaluation of wireless networks, realistic models and credible simulation scenarios are crucial. Recently, in the area of wireless networks, it has been shown that simplistic models for mobility, traffic, and signal propagation yield results that are too optimistic. In order to provide more credible models, traces from specific scenarios need to be acquired and then realistic scenario models need to be developed and validated. We solicit papers on mobility, traffic, propagation, and scenario modelling for various wireless networks including MANETs, DTNs and vehicular networks. Papers on trace measurement architectures and trace characterizations of wireless networks are also welcome.

The main purpose of this workshop is to promote further research interests and activities on scenario modelling of wireless networks. It is also aimed at increasing the synergy between academic and industrial researchers working in this area. We are interested in experimental, systems-related, theoretical, and work-in-progress papers in all aspects of wireless network scenarios.

The topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Classification of scenarios
  • Challenges in trace acquisition
  • Tools for mobility, traffic and propagation modelling
  • Methods in localization and tracking to acquire accurate movement traces
  • Movement trace measurement architectures
  • Characterization of movement traces
  • Mobility modelling
  • Validation of mobility models
  • Traffic measurement, traffic characterization, traffic modelling
  • Combined mobility and traffic modelling
  • Characterization of signal propagation
  • Propagation modelling
  • Impact of mobility on radio characterization
  • Impact of scenario modelling on performance
Dates & News

Submission: 28. Nov. 2008

Notification: 06. Jan. 2009

Camera Ready: 25. Jan. 2009

Keynote will given by
Marco Gruteser
(WINLAB, Rutgers University)

CSM UniBonn
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